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More About AMSA

American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is the largest pre-medical student organization in the nation, and is completely student governed to best meet the needs of its audience. We are now the largest pre-medical student run organization on campus.

The UCR Chapter of AMSA took off in the year 2010 with the idea that pre-medical students could join an organization that actively helped them on their journeys to medical school.

Since then it has grown into a diverse group of students, all running and working together through their own committees and interests with a common shared goal: to help our fellow and neighboring students have the best chance at getting into the medical school of their dreams.

At AMSA, we try to give our members the perfect balance between social, informational, and extracurricular activities. With plenty of committees, leadership positions, volunteering opportunities, and guest speakers, we know there’s something for every pre-medical student with AMSA!

Check us out by attending our meetings or finding our tabling members during the week on campus!

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