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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I pay for membership and how much? 

Membership fees are $25, and our Treasurer's Venmo is @Shali_.


How do I pay national fees if I choose to, and is it worth it? 

AMSA National membership comes with many perks including a free Biochemistry course as well as an AMSA National ID number that can be used on graduate applications!  To get some more information on National fees and perks as well as payment, visit


If I don't have Venmo how else can I pay? 

If you do not have access to Venmo, you can also use Paypal (COMING SOON). If Paypal or Venmo isn't an option, please DM Shali on GroupMe or email him at!

What's the difference between a National membership and the UCR Chapter membership?

The national membership is done through the national AMSA website. For a fee of $75 that lasts 4 years, nationally recognized members will gain access to a free biochemistry course, MCAT flash cards, and multiple Kaplan discounts. Additionally, members can officially include AMSA on their resumes.  

The UCR Chapter membership is done through us at UCR! For $25 each year, members have access to food during events, rides, t-shirts, and much more! They will also be invited to the annual end-of-the-year banquet. If you would like to become an active member, fill out this form after you have paid the fee to our treasurer, Shali Thai. As of now, you can pay through Venmo (username: @Shali_) OR Paypal (COMING SOON). If Paypal or Venmo isn't an option, please DM him on GroupMe or email her at!

***You can pay for UCR's membership throughout the year, but it will last only for the remaining academic year that you pay. Membership must be renewed each year!***

Where can I get my t-shirt from last year (2022-2023)?

Please be sure to email us if you would like your t-shirt from last year! We can then arrange a time where you can get it.

What do I do to get AMSA officially listed on my medical/graduate school applications or on my resume?

You must be a national AMSA member in order to be fully recognized as a member of the organization. Additionally, you can send us an email to request your hours with our chapter if you are a paid member.

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