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dues & Membership


For $25 each year, members have access to provisions such as food during events, rides, hours-tracking, and more! Members will also receive the t-shirt. They will also be invited to the annual end-of-year banquet. If you would like to become an active member, fill out this form after you have paid the fee to our treasurer, Shali Thai. As of now, you can pay through Venmo (username: @Shali_) OR Paypal @ShaliThai). If Paypal or Venmo isn't an option, please DM him on GroupMe or email him at!

***You can pay for membership throughout the year, but it will last only for the remaining academic year that you pay. Membership must be renewed each year!***

If you have not received your t-shirt from last year (2022-2023), please email us!

For a fee of $75 that lasts 4 years, nationally recognized members will gain access to a free biochemistry course, MCAT flash cards, and multiple Kaplan discounts. It also allows members to officially include AMSA on resumes! (**MUST PAY THROUGH OFFICIAL AMSA SITE)


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