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Our 2022-2023 Committee Members!

Social Committee
social committee.heic

About Social Committee: As part of the Social Events committee, you will help the Social chairs organize and plan our awesome events, socials, and other fun activities!


Chairs: Sanaz and Sepand

Members: Alborz Amani, Mikhaela Malacon,

Sahithi Malireddy, Audrey Womack

Fundraising Committee
fundraising committee.jpg

About Fundraising Committee: As part of the Fundraising committee, you will help organize / plan on-campus fundraisers. You will also help plan off-campus fundraisers at local places near campus!

Chairs: Lithikhaa and Miggy

Members: Kanika Patel, Moses Chen, Shalivahana Thai, Isabelle Loaisiga, Jimmy Ramos

Historian Committee

About Historian Committee: As part of the Historian committee, you help the Historian chair take photos/videos at events, editing them, and posting them. We will also be promoting events through social media!

Chair: Bhakti

Members: Samiha Alam, Laya Ghosn,

Charlotte Lamin, Shahin Amani

Publicity Committee: As part of the Publicity committee, you promote all the events that AMSA makes available for students. Duties of the committee range from designing and posting banners, flyers, brochures, and promoting web-based media for AMSA events and services. 

Chairs: Dominique and Aileen

Members: Kirsten Dingson, Sofia Ysabel Gange, Asia Martin, Jia Desai

Volunteering Committee: As part of the Volunteering committee, you will work under our Volunteering chairs to help create and bring exciting new volunteering opportunities for our general members as well as continue successful projects that we are currently undertaking.

Chair: Ethan

Members: Christian Tan, Faith Vu, Anosha Farrukh, Matthew Lu, Zayanah Rasayamond

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