PEN Mentorship Program

PEN is available all year, and you can apply at any time. 

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A unique opportunity we offer at AMSA is our Pre-medical Education Network, also known as the PEN Program. The mission is to mentor and guide students throughout the duration of their undergraduate pre-medical education.

Experienced and trained board members will help serve as skillful mentors who will assist and support first and second-year students as they navigate the beginning stages of their respective pre-medical journeys. The program aims to provide a safe space to foster the growth of students as they develop their academic and personal attributes, leading them to become successful healthcare professionals.

PEN Mentee Spotlight: Cheryl Tse

Cheryl is a second year biology major who is currently a part of the PEN mentorship program! She joined as a way to find both a mentor and a friend that she would be able to comfortably talk to and get advice from on classes, extracurriculars, and school/life balance. Her favorite part of the PEN program is getting to know her mentor and connecting on topics related to studies and life in general. She also loves that her mentor and herself have similar interests for the future, so she is able to ask her more intricate questions and get insight into opportunities that she may not have known before!