Committees are an essential part of why AMSA is such a strong and impactful organization. Joining is a glimpse into seeing how general and executive board works, as well as ​an opportunity to be apart of a team of highly motivated individuals.

  • Publicity Committee
    The publicity committee is an essential backbone of AMSA. It spreads the AMSA word out to everybody on campus. The publicity committee helps make all of the great posts that are posted around campus. We are looking for new members that are creative, and committed to doing their best. The UCR AMSA publicity committee makes sure to promote all the events that AMSA makes available for students. Duties of the Committee range from preparing press releases, designing and posting banners, flyers, brochures, and promoting web-based media for AMSA events and services.
    Contact: Andrew or Valeria

  • Historian/Webmaster Committee
    The Historian/Webmaster Committee plays a crucial, yet entertaining role in AMSA. We will be attending and taking photos and videos of AMSA events throughout the year. These not only serve as an advertisement for the organization, but also create unique and unforgettable moments of every event our chapter has to offer. We will also be contributing posts/ideas/designs to social media and our official website.. We will also be promoting events through social media, our website, and other physical mediums!
    Contact: Gina

  • Volunteer Committee
    Volunteer Activities Committee is structured to provide various volunteering opportunities to all the members of AMSA. Tasks of the committee include organizing at least two large events per quarter, and a couple of smaller projects that are available throughout the year. We are looking for highly motivated and dedicated individuals to strengthen our committee and spread the work of humanitarian service. As part of the Volunteering committee, you will work under our Volunteering Chairs to help bring and create exciting new volunteering opportunities for our general members as well as continue successful projects that we are currently undertaking.
    Contact: Basava or Jason

  • Social Events Committee
    Welcome to the AMSA Events Committee! This group functions as the heart and soul of AMSA. The Events Committee is looking for students that are enthusiastic and are looking to unite all of the AMSA members and the UCR Pre-Health Student Community. As a part of the Social Events committee, you will help us organize and plan our awesome events such as the picnic, socials, and other fun activities!
    Contact: Brianne

  • Fundraising Committee
    The AMSA fundraising committee is devoted to several fundraising events throughout the quarter. Above all, the committee works together to develop ideas that will attract funds for the operational needs of the AMSA organization. Projects involve short and long term fundraising goals, recruiting volunteers for all events and implementing strategic plans for each fundraising effort. As a part of the Fundraising committee, you will help us organize and plan on-campus fundraisers such as selling food in the blue tents, school concerts, and suturing clinic. You will also help plan off-campus fundraisers at local places near campus such as Blaze and Chipotle.
    Contact: Crystal

  • Communications Committee
    An essential part of AMSA is the Communications Committee. As part of the Communications committee, you will help create the emails that every AMSA member receives. Hundreds of people will see your work! This means you will have to design and write small messages about upcoming events for AMSA. Contact: Lily