Habitat for Humanity

This weekend out, AMSA members volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. Our members helped with landscaping for low income homes. They trimmed palm trees and helped clean up individual’s backyards. Thank you to everyone that came out to this limited event, or signed up! We hope that more member slots are available for the future due to the demand.

AMSA National President

For our general meeting this week we had Dr. Isaiah Cochran, the national president of AMSA, discussing the importance of healthcare advocacy and AMSA's history with the intersection between medicine and science. Dr. Cochran also presented opportunities for conferences we can attend as pre-health students which would enhance our knowledge not only in the medical field but also the healthcare aspect of medicine. .

Future of Medicine Event

Today AMSA teamed up with Biomedical Engineering Society at UCR (BMES) for its first ever Future of Medicine Event. This mini hackathon event had AMSA and BMES members grouped together into five different teams. They were tasked to create a product or machine that could be used to solve current medical issues. Additionally, the groups presented their ideas and were asked questions by our panel of judges. Many great inventions were presented and the students had a lot of fun in this inaugural event.

Women's March

This weekend, our AMSA members went to the 2020 Inland Empire’s Women’s March in order to show their support. They volunteered at the first aid station and marched during the parade. Thank you to all the members that attended!

MCAT Student Panel

Welcome back AMSA members!!! At our first general meeting we had AMSA board members who had taken the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) share their knowledge and experience about the journey. The board members provided several resources that individuals who are planning to take the exam can use to study. At the end of the meeting members were able to ask the panel any other questions they had pertaining to the MCAT.

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