MCAT Q&A Panel

At this week's General Meeting, AMSA's board officers shared their valuable experiences in preparing and taking the MCAT! After a bit of introduction to the general background and fundamentals of the MCAT, our three board members who have already taken the exam opened the floor to questions, and all AMSA members were encouraged to ask anything they could possibly think of! Additionally, we also had the opportunity for a Kaplan representative to come out and discuss their various test prep offerings, as well as several special discounts exclusive to AMSA members and board! Thank you again to everybody who came out, and especially to the Kaplan representative and our Board Members who hosted t

Suturing Clinic

At last night's Suturing Clinic, AMSA members had the very valuable opportunity to get some hands-on experience and learn several techniques for suturing! AMSA was able to coordinate with the UCR School of Medicine to host the class in the School of Medicine Room G650, and we were fortunate enough to have several medical students assist in teaching and demonstrating proper suturing techniques! To be able to practice as realistically as possible, members were provided with pig's feet and real suturing supplies, allowing them to reproduce the suturing feel and technique as faithfully as possible! In the end, we had a great turnout with many eager members, so thank you to all of our members who

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