2016-2017 Appointed Officers

It’s that time of the year again! Officer applications for the 2017-2018 school year are now open. Applications must be filled out completely (including the doodle poll) by April 28th, 11:59pm and sent to the AMSA email (ucr.amsa@gmail.com). We encourage everyone interested to apply for an officer position. This is an opportunity to become more involved with AMSA and gain leadership experience along the way! No experience/specific skill will be required (except for webmaster).

Officer Position Descriptions

AMSA Officer Application 2017




                                         President: Rosie Oshana



Hi! My name is Rosie Oshana and I am a third year

Biology major. I joined AMSA at the beginning of my

first year here at UCR and I have enjoyed every

minute since. Like many of you, I aspire to enter the

field of medicine. I enjoy almost all types of music

(except for hard rock/metal), the outdoors,

and photography. I also enjoy talking, so if you ever

see me around, come say hi!

Vice President: Bindi Hara




Hi! I’m Bindi Hira and I am a third year, Biology major.  I have been

a part of AMSA since freshman year. I love being on the board and

getting to know the members!  I am also involved in promoting

education and awareness of global issues on campus. I spend much

of my time volunteering in hospitals and community centers, and

these experiences inspired my goal for a career in medicine. I enjoy

playing tennis, going out for dessert (especially for ice cream),and

finding new things to do and places to go!















                                          External Relations Chair: Basava Jonnala






Hello, My name is Basava Jonnala and I’m a 2nd year Microbio

major and Director of External Relations for AMSA. I enjoy

watching movies, going hiking, watching basketball and most

importantly volunteering! I am also a member of OCP and MMS.

Eventually I want to become a ER doctor.
















                                         Secretary: Grace Lee


Hello! My name is Grace Lee, and I am a third year

Business Economics major. I joined AMSA at the

beginning of my first year at UCR and loved it! I

aspire to become a physician but specifically in the

Inland Empire because I have seen the dearth of good

health care. I enjoy nature, being around my

friends and family, and spontaneous adventures!

                                          Treasurer: Dilpreet Grewal





Hello everyone! My name is Dilpreet Grewal and I am a third year

Cellular Molecular Developmental Biology Major. I have been part

of AMSA since my second year. I enjoy working out, skating, playing

basketball, hanging out with friends and just enjoying life. I

currently volunteer at Riverside Community Hospital, and do

research in an Entomology lab. I am also a member of Global

Medical Brigades,BIPSHI, Sikh Student Association and Trio

Scholars! My end goal, is to become a Sports Medicine Physician.
















                                         Communications Chair: Rachel Leung


Hi! I’m Rachel Leung, and I am a third year

Psychology major. I have been in AMSA since my first

year, when I was originally a Biology major. I enjoy

eating, sleeping, playing video games, and looking for

my future cat. Besides being in AMSA, I am also a

brother of Alpha Phi Omega. I hope that in my future

I will be happy.

                                         Social Events Chair: Analisa Stiltner



Hi everyone! My name is Analisa Stiltner and I am a

3rd year Biology major. I am currently the Social

Event chair and have been in AMSA since my first

year at UCR. Along with AMSA, I am also volunteer

at Loma Linda University and am apart of Global

Medical Brigades on campus. I love to travel, watch

Netflix, and eat sushi. My career goals include

becoming a physician and help those around the world through

the humanitarian-aid organization Doctors Without Borders.

                                         Fundraising Chair: Luis Delgado


My name is Luis Delgado and I am a third year

neuroscience major, currently serving as the

Fundraising Chair for AMSA. I have been a part of

AMSA for now my second year and greatly enjoy

working with a group of highly driven individuals. My

plans for the future are to one day attend

medical school and become a physician. I enjoy teaching and

guiding others, and hope that AMSA will be able to assist you

in your goals on this path of medicine or health.

                                          Co-Publicity Chair: Andrew Tran







Hello everybody! My name is Andrew Tran and I am a third year

Biology major. I am your current the Co-Publicity Chair for AMSA. I

enjoy watching all kinds of movies and television shows and hanging

out with my friends.















                                         Co- Publicity Chair: William Fung


Hello, my name is William and I am a third

year Biology major! I am currently the co-chair

for publicity in AMSA, so I make cool flyers and

help promote our club! I hope to become a

physician assistant, focusing either on primary care

or emergency medicine. At school, I currently work in

a botany lab focusing on the effects of drought on

different species of plants. In my spare time, I enjoy

playing video games, hanging out with friends, and eating new

types of food. If you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi!

                                         Volunteer Chair: Kevin Nguyen




Hi my name is Kevin Nguyen and I am a 3rd year

Biology major. Like most of you, I aspire to become a

physician. Besides volunteering and my other

extracurriculars, I enjoy photography, working out,

traveling, and searching for bomb food on Yelp!

                                         Historian: Audrey Cajucom


Hello! I’m Audrey, a third year Biology major and

Business minor. I’m entering my second year in

AMSA and am excited for many more memories with

the organization! I hope to enter medical school and

eventually open my own clinic. Besides AMSA I’m also

involved in UCR’s Phi Beta Lambda and SHARP

(Student Homeless Aid Relief Project). I love swimming,

spending time with family and friends, and FOOD.

I also love making new friends so feel free to say hi!




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