Q: Where are the general meetings held?

A: AMSA holds general meetings in UNLH 1000 usually every other Tuesday of the quarter from 7pm-8pm. Come join us some time!


Q: How do I get involved with AMSA?

A: Hello! The first thing that every new AMSA member should do is get signed up on our mailing list! Once you’ve done that, the next thing is to watch your emails and this website to find out when and where our meetings are, what we’re doing outside of our meetings, where we’re volunteering, and paying attention for other great opportunities. If you are interested in going beyond just attending our meetings and attending events, and want to get involved in leadership, we recommend getting involved with our committees! There are many committees to choose from, and these are the best way for you to get your feet wet with learning how AMSA works behind the scenes, and garnering some valuable leadership experience. To learn more, please direct yourself to the Committees Page.

Q: Why should I join AMSA?

A: It is our belief that the biggest struggle for Pre-Medical students and Pre-Health students isn’t the academics, but the extracurricular activities. Finding and keeping track of opportunities to “get out there” in volunteering, interning, and organizing can be difficult for anyone! So where do we step in? AMSA @ UCR is the largest and most represented Pre-Medical and Pre-Health organization at UC Riverside. We pride ourselves on helping students on their path to Medical School by providing them access to valuable information, prestigious speakers, and a host of opportunities at our general meetings, sharing information regarding internships, informing you about upcoming volunteering opportunities, providing access to leadership opportunities and experiences, and providing you with a network of Pre-Medical Students who can help you by sharing their experiences and acting as a familial support group.

Q: What are Committees?

A: For more information on Committees and how they function, please visit the Committees Page.

Q: What is the Local Fee? What does it include?

A: For more information regarding the Local Fees and what is included, please visit the Membership Page.

Q: What is the National Fee, and do I have to pay it?

A: For more information regarding the National Fees, please consult the “National Fees” section of the Membership Page.

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