The Founding Board

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA), formed in 1950, has grown into a prestigious and one of the most prominent pre-medical/medical organizations in the United States. This organization has branched out into various universities and college campuses in order to open a pathway of opportunities for pre-medical students.

Here at the University of California, Riverside, AMSA was introduced in 2011 with a very determined cabinet whose members had the national AMSA’s goals as their directives. The starting board was comprised of: Farhad Ghamsari, Muhammad Qazi, Alex Nguyen, Ram Musunuri, Andrieu Aguinaldo, Liam Nguyen, Kanksha Peddi, Allison Ibarra, Lorraine Horwitz, and Ilse Zamora.

From the start of its journey, AMSA has guided students and sought to help students find their own path towards a medical career or any type of health profession. From volunteering opportunities, to internships, AMSA’s acts as an ultimate resource for aspiring medical professionals.